• Image of Francisco Yglesia: Shimmering Harp (CD)

Francisco's debut album, originally released in 1982, but exclusively available here, and only on compact disc.

The album mixes traditional Paraguayan folklore, Francisco’s own compositions, pop covers and TV & Film Soundtracks of the day. Also making its debut here is an early version of the title track Shimmering Harp, which would become one of Francisco’s most popular tunes.

Whilst Bell Bird and Cascada are solo, the rest of the album is a concerto backed by live guitars & percussion, and synthesisers that would now be described as “vintage”, providing a cocktail-lounge ambience that a contemporary indie band could only now dream of. The result is a fascinating period-piece that has stood the test of time, if best served with with a Babycham in a frosted glass.

  1. Ballade Pour Adeline
  2. Theme From M*A*S*H
  3. Yesterday
  4. Alborada
  5. Bell Bird
  6. Vamos Amigos
  7. Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from “The Godfather”)
  8. Never On Sunday
  9. Cascada
  10. Shimmering Harp
  11. Sonata in G
  12. Chariots of Fire
Total running time: 36 minutes approx. You can read more about the album here.