• Image of Este es Francisco Yglesia Maestro del Arpa Paraguaya (CD)

"This is Francisco Yglesia, Master of the Paraguayan Harp".

Francisco's newest album, recorded in 2009, released for the first time on Compact Disc in 2013. Solo performances, just Francisco and his Paraguayan Harp, captured in the finest audio quality.

  1. Pajaro Campana (Bell Bird)
  2. Misionera
  3. Shimmering Harp
  4. Ñanduti (Spider’s Web)
  5. Carreta Güy (Under the Oxcart)
  6. Espejos (Mirrors)
  7. El Tren Lechero (Milk Train)
  8. Isla Saca
  9. Colorado
  10. Cascada
  11. Sleepyhead
  12. Vamos Amigos
Total running time: 46 mins approx. You can read more about the album here.