Who, or what, is Analogue Rock?

Analogue Rock Records is a very small record label.  We released Francisco's last album "Este es Francisco Yglesia" in 2010, and we are currently working with the band Argonaut.

Can I buy "Este es Francisco Yglesia" as a digital download?

Yes, but not from this website. Search for Francisco on iTunes, Amazon, or your favourite online music store.  Depending on where you are in the world, it may be listed as "This is Francisco Yglesia (Master of the Paraguayan Harp", or "Este es Francisco Yglesia (Maestro del Arpa Paraguaya)".  Note that digital version of this album has a different track order and a different cover, but it is the same album and has exactly the same songs.

Can I buy Francisco's "Shimmering Harp" as a digital download?

No, sorry.  We'd love to be able to release this classic album as a digital download, but unfortunately it isn't up to us.

Are they "real" Compact Discs, or just CD-Rs?

Real compact discs, of course.  We wouldn't sell anything else.

How are the CDs dispatched?

In a jiffy bag, by 1st Class Royal Mail for the UK, and by Airmail for the rest of the world.

I'm not happy. Can I have a refund or a replacement?

Most likely. We're very easy going. Contact us here.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes. Please enquire about wholesale pricing here. I'm sure we can do a deal.